Thursday, October 7, 2010

Party Loyalty vs. Clear Thinking

The Colorado 2010 gubernatorial election causes me to pause and wonder. I have been asking myself, why does Dan Maes, the Republican Party’s losing candidate for governor, remain in this race? Why does Democrat, John Hickenlooper, contribute to his Chinook Fund and allow money to support organizations such as Cop Watch, La Raza, and terrorist sustaining Hamas. Has Dan Maes deluded himself into thinking he’s staging a comeback with a single percentage point margin from 15% to 16%. Has he struck a deal with someone, which requires him to press on when the evidence is compelling (if not overwhelming) that he cannot win? Is he vindictive? Does he place self-interest high above the interests of people of Colorado? Why won’t he do the honorable thing and gracefully remove himself from this contest? Is Dan Maes running interference for John Hickenlooper?

Is it bondage or misplaced loyalty that causes Colorado candidates, Party Leaders, and party members to elevate mere mortals above the needs of our State? If the Truth shall set us free, living a lie (i.e., false loyalty) leads to bondage. Loyalty, including Party Loyalty, to the one leading the lie, locks all who follow into shackles. The loyalty line seems to be, “Party over principle.” This applies to both Democrats and Republicans in Colorado’s 2010 gubernatorial race. John Hickenlooper, Dan Maes, and Party loyalists seem to ignore the Truth.

John Hickenlooper is a progressive, which means he’s an, “Ends justify the means,” kind of guy. To heck with the Constitution, he will expand Denver’s sanctuary city status to the entire state. Through confiscatory taxation, he will transfer wealth from oppressor, “Rich,” Coloradans to the oppressed, illegal-victim aliens. Finally, he will allow the Federal government to dictate to Colorado citizens how we live our lives.

Dan Maes tried to bury the truth and mislead us. We do not know who or what he is, how he will govern, or if we can believe anything, he says. All evidence indicates that he cannot be trusted. His behavior leads me to believe that he is not a conservative. Every conservative I know, although not perfect, lives an honorable life. Mr. Maes does not act like an honorable man. I hope he proves me (and thousands more) wrong by stepping aside and let a proven conservative govern.

The Party Leaders and Loyalists expect Coloradans to vote for these characters. I say, “Not so fast.” It is up to Liberty-loving, truth seeking and clear-thinking Colorado citizens to make the best choice for governor of our State.

So, let us start with a common base. We are Americans and Coloradans. When we say, “The Pledge of Allegiance,” are we pledging to the political party of choice? Do we sing “God bless the Party, or America?” For those who have sworn a solemn oath to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States, party affiliation is never a consideration. Principled, Liberty-loving Americans say, “No more.” We reject Party Leadership domination. Do any of these major-party leaders represent plain, everyday Americans? Do they live paycheck-to-paycheck? Do they breathe special air, drink extraordinary water, or eat exceptional food? Okay, maybe they do. However, are they anything more than human? Do they really know what’s better for us? Do they really have our best interests in mind? Their gubernatorial selections reveal human fallibility and loyalty to their out-of-touch parties. They failed. It is time for Coloradans to exercise our God given obligatory duty to, “Throw off,” the major-party candidates and select a constitutionally sound governor for ourselves and posterity. Let’s drop the party politics, band together, and do what’s best for, We The People of the State of Colorado, for a change.