Monday, January 26, 2009

Dictator's First Week

If you haven’t noticed, since January 20, 2009 we have a dictator. Historically, dictators do not take kindly to criticism and this one is no different. BHO doesn’t want us to listen to anyone that might have an opinion that questions the soundness of his radical-left ideas. At the risk of being thrown in prison for exercising my once Constitutional-First Amendment right of free speech, let’s assess his first week and see how he’s done.
1. He’s lifted the international ban on taxpayer funded abortions and opened the door on the wholesale murder of the unborn. In case you didn’t notice, the United States taxpayer must pay for these killings. He has the blood of innocent lives on his head and everyone who voted for him is culpable with the blood of children on their hands.
2. He’s closed the door on the GITMO prison for international terrorists, and his minions are happy to let them live on American soil to spread the death cult of Islam among hardened criminals. The Pentagon reports that at least 60 – possibly more – of the detainees released from Guantanamo have rejoined terrorist cells and have fought once again against Americans. When are we going to get tired of fighting those we’ve released?
3. The White House web site lays out all the other ungodly practices he intends to impose upon us, many of them should cause grave concern to a free people. I see severe trouble on the horizon. Do you remember the old saying, “Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning”?

What are some of the warning signs of imminent danger? Watch for an increase in civil unrest. I suspect that he will turn a “blind eye” and a “deaf ear” to complaints of mistreatment or even acts of violence (including murder) against conservatives. He will silence all criticism using a sweeping “Hate Speech” rule and he will remove the free exchange of ideas from all forms of media, education, and public debate. He will want to disarm the population under the guise of improved safety, and he will treat terror attacks as if they were criminal acts worthy of due process regardless of the citizen body count. When he begins to blame a particular group of people (such as: Jews, Christians, or White Conservatives) for all the disorder and his failure to accomplish his agenda, anyone who raises an objection to his policies will receive his wrath. I wonder if the construction of “work camps” is buried in his massive spending plans.

Many people have asked me about our Christian responsibility to pray for him. I recommend I Corinthians 5:5 for your consideration. If he is a Christian as he claims, then we must pray that he comes to a place of deep and true repentance. If he is not, then we must pray that he surrenders his life to Jesus Christ and bows his knee in submission to the Supreme Judge of the Universe. Do I want him to succeed – only if he practices righteousness? So long as he practices wickedness, I pray that God will have mercy on his eternal soul.

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