Sunday, October 11, 2009

Book Recommendation


Last night, I started reading a novel. The title of the book is, "Patriots." It is written by James Wesley Rawles. The Amazon Link is: .

This is not a book review because I have only read the first two chapters. However, I can tell that this work is important for others to read. If you suspect that the our government's behavior is taking our nation and the entire world down a path to economic and social collapse, James Wesley Rawles paints a, I believe, near future scenario that is realistic and tells how his characters were prepared to face for what followed. Since I don't know how the book ends, I can't spoil the story for anyone. Based on what I've read, if you care anything about the Constitution of the USA, I recommend that others read it too.

Charles J. Patricoff
Author of the Civil War Series: Destination Hope

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