Friday, August 29, 2008

Thoughts on the DNC

Thoughts on Hillary’s Speech:

I realized that many of you who read this support the socialism ideals of the Democratic Party. But did anybody notice that Hillary introduced herself as a proud: mother, Democrat, Senator, American, Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) supporter, AND that she did not state that she’s the proud wife of a former United States President? Is she embarrassed by the fact that she is a married woman? How does this support the family?

I keep hearing the Democrats (Dems) talk about failed policies but I never hear them give one example. They can’t say the war in Iraq has failed because the irrefutable evidence shows that we are succeeding. They talk about the failed economy, but it has been driven by their emotional insistence on keeping us dependent on foreign oil, which now they are willing to change. Their only solution is to tax and build a bigger, “Do Nothing” government that is only capable of taxing and spending more of our money, but government doesn’t do anything well. They have forgotten the proven fact that the “Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy!”

History repeatedly shows that socialism ultimately fails those it claims to help and only on a few instances has ended its temporary reign without turning with hostility on those it provided a friendly captivity. Does anyone remember that NAZI stood for National Socialism? Bolshevism (Russian Socialism) led to Soviet Communism. Did you notice that Hillary didn’t offer any plans, just rhetoric? The Dems want to provide universal health care. Does that mean that you and I will have to pay for a world-wide health care system? Is that what BHO means when he wants to bring balance and fairness to our economic condition? I wish they would unveil what they mean. Ronald Reagan warned that the way to bring about global communism is to introduce global health care. Have we forgotten the warnings of those who have come before us? It all sounds like class warfare and wealth redistribution to me. This has never worked long-term throughout recorded history. Even the first church’s attempt at communism failed miserably. Why do they want to destroy the success of our over 200 year constitutional form of government that was founded on Judeo-Christian Biblical principles?

But regarding the most important issue of our time, the Dems shouted their platform position by their silence. The Dems have no plan for dealing with radical Islam. I think they want to surrender to Islam. Have they forgotten that Islam wants to subjugate the entire world to Sharia Law and that means destroying the liberty we hold dear.

Thoughts on Bill & Joe’s Speech:

Bill Clinton stated that Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) is the incarnation of the American Dream. And Joe Biden said he is the American Dream. The constant messiah comparisons are hard to swallow. By watching their eyes and their body language, I’m convinced that neither of these men believed what they were trying to sell us. But the sound-bite rhetoric that personally scares me is the “Take America Back” statement. Because I’m Jewish and I remember my Aunt Tilly who had her concentration camp tattoo, I’m too sensitive to words that resemble Adolph Hitler’s rally cry to take back Germany for the Fatherland.

I always tell people that I follow five voting principles that have served me well my entire adult life. One of my litmus paper, acid tests is the principle of morals. Evidence of a moral person is how they treat their “friends.” Joe Biden made a big deal about saying that John McCain is his friend. But after establishing this fact, he proceeded to demonize him. A man of true moral character would never do that to a friend even if he were just “following orders” like a good NAZI. When I pull out the litmus paper after this acid test, there is nothing there.

I compare this to John McCain who has lived the, “No man left behind,” principle. I applied the same test to John McCain’s life. I pulled out the paper and the substance of proven moral character remained.

I guess I’m not surprised by the same old Democrat story that elevates personal interest and the pursuit of power first, behind the rhetoric promise that government must take care of the people.

Now for the star of the show, America’s new Savior, here is the man who wants to rule the world, and CHANGE America 100%.

If we need that much change, we must be the most evil empire on the planet. No wonder he doesn’t see any difference between Russia’s invasion to annex Georgia and our internationally supported removal of a known threat to the world.

He insists on 100% change. He desires to give everyone a college education, and hire an “army of teachers, and pay them hirer salaries.” He demands “universal health care,” government job creation, government investment in alternative energy sources, and on and on with traditional democratic salesmanship, but he fails the five-part principles acid test.

Leadership – what has he done? Has he been responsible for the lives of others (other than his immediate family)? Has he successfully run and grew a business? I wouldn’t hire him to be the CEO of my company, let alone to sit in the seat of the most powerful country on the planet.

Morals – has he turned on his friends? When the heat came on his long time pastor, Jeremiah Wright, he disassociated himself quickly. Equating Russia’s invasion of Georgia with our intervention in Iraq is moral equivalency, which means he doesn’t recognize the difference between good and evil. I don’t want to negotiate with evil, I want to defeat it! I want to defeat it in my own heart first as I surrender to the purifying work of God’s Holy Spirit. Then, I want to defeat the evil of bearing a false witness against my country. BHO says that we are “no longer a Christian nation.” The truth is that our country was founded on Judeo-Christian Biblical principles and if we divorce ourselves from those principles, we will cease to be a nation under God’s grace. BHO said that we need to return America to being the last best hope of liberty. The truth is, America IS the last best hope of liberty. His emphasis on economic issues shows that he is less concerned with morality, just ask the millions of murdered unborn who have had their voice silenced.

I could go on with the principle of Life (his position on abortion on demand is well documented), Family (he supports non-traditional definitions of family), and Justice (he defines it in terms of economic equality, the common, socialistic – even communistic class warfare), but I will end this blog with my historians point of view.

When a young man, who has not been tempered by wisdom, obtains power, he has historically fallen to the corrupting power of power. To think that somehow BHO is above the intoxicating influence of unfettered political power is, at the very least, naïve, but worst, dangerous and deadly for all.

A quick review of history reveals that man is incapable of resisting the corrupting nature of power. Alexander the Great, at the ripe age of 33, wept because there were no more worlds to conquer. Let us “fast forward” to the young, Napoleon Bonaparte, who was elected through the democratic process. Once in power, he threw out the government and established himself as emperor. Then, he attempted to bring all of Europe under his rule. Just 70 years ago, an inexperienced Adolph Hitler and his NAZI (National Socialists) Party was elected to be Chancellor of Germany. Once in power, he destroyed their weak constitution and I hope we remember how things went for the entire world after that. BHO wants to negotiate with the President of Iran who denies that the Holocaust happened.

This brings me to my final point. Last night, BHO stated that we could uphold the Second Amendment while removing AK-47 assault rifles from the hands of criminals. His record on gun control is clear. But I am concerned that he might tamper with our Constitutionally protected right to bear arms. If he is successful with that, what will he attack next, since he wants 100% CHANGE?

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