Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My "Joe-the-Plumber" Story

To Whom It May Concern:

I’m Charles, the “want-a-be” writer. I’ve pursued this dream for over 40 years. If I had a “Joe-the-Plumber” opportunity, I would like to ask Barack Obama three questions:
1. Why does he think our United States Constitution is “fundamentally flawed,” and if he is elected why would he swear to protect it,
2. Why doesn’t he know that the power to tax IS the power to destroy, and
3. What does he plan to do with the American population who refuse redistribution of our personal wealth?

Fundamentally flawed means to me – right or wrong – something that can’t be fixed. It must be discarded or replaced with something different or new. Which of our God-granted rights – protected by the United States Constitution and guaranteed by the Bill of Rights – will no longer fit in Barack Obama’s vision of an ordered society? Further, how does he intend to lead men like me who swore a sacred oath to preserve and protect the cornerstone of our republic against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, “so help me God.” Does he expect us to stand down as he takes a scalpel to our (I believe) divinely inspired document? When he carves it up, why shouldn’t we refer to him as a domestic enemy?

History proves that governments, which exact some taxes as a “Patriotic Duty” from their productive population, in time, take more. Governments have a habit of assuming the money is theirs. These friendly captors turn against those confined under their friendly captivity. Why isn’t any taxation (no matter its size or targeted population) an immediate impediment against the fulfillment of all our respective dreams? If the taxation grows unabated, the fabric of our fragile republic will unravel as more and more productive members are reduced to abject universal poverty.

As a “want-a-be” writer, I pray that God will bless the work of my hands, not curse the work of others. I trust that He will make fruitful the stories He helps me write. Selfishly, I’d like to leave a lasting legacy to my children and grandchildren. As I see a portion of America rejecting the unique, fundamental foundational principles of: Life; Liberty; Personal Responsibility and Morality; Free Religious Expression; the Traditional Family Structure; Justice and Mercy; and Servant Leadership, I also see my American dream of nearly 50 years fading into oblivion. I guess I shouldn’t worry – Barack Obama will take care of me, my family, and my future as we all settle down under his economic mediocrity, but friendly captivity. I wonder how long he would be friendly if I got a chance to ask these questions.

Thanks for letting me share,

Charles J. Patricoff
Author of: Destination Hope - Separation

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