Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Thoughts

I thought I’d try to add some Biblical/Historical sense to the outcome of Tuesday’s event. First, God has everything under control. Even though we may grieve the outcome, He will execute His sovereign will. The results did not catch Him by surprise, and He is still speaking and providing direction to those who will trust in Him, not the government.

Last night, my wife Mary and I pursued our regular evening Bible study and prayer time. I find it very interesting what God taught us. We’ve been studying the Book of Daniel. Keep in mind, what was prophecy to Daniel, is history to us. Many of those strange, wild and bizarre things described and events foretold in Daniel have taken place. But they also point to what our future will experience (and I believe very soon). Our study gave us a view of important world history. We learned a few important facts, which confirm fundamental truth: Any alternative “savior” will either disappoint us or totally devastate us. Apart from the Lord, there is no savior.

We learned that the Grecian ruler Antiochus the IV Epiphanes was a very shrewd politician. He needed the support of the Israeli people to help him attack Egypt. To gain their support he redistributed the nation’s wealth and won widespread support among the lower classes (sound familiar – an interesting demographic fact from Tuesday, 72% of the American Jewish population voted for Obama). With the added Israeli support, Antiochus attacked Egypt but failed. He blamed his failure upon the Jews. He vented his rage on the Jews, slaughtering thousands, outlawing Judaism, and converting the temple into a pagan shrine. This was the tidal wave of persecution that led to the “abomination that causes desolation.” (Daniel 11:31 & Matthew 24:15) May I suggest that we keep a watchful eye on Obama and how he treats Israel, and American Jews and Christians? Is he a modern day (alternative) “savior?” Many think he is. Is it a coincidence that we only have to shift two letters, and change one to differentiate between “Abomination” and “Obamanation?”

Obama’s advisors tell him that Israel is “not a priority.” For your information, Syria moved two armored divisions into southern Lebanon over the weekend and as of Tuesday, Syrian tanks and artillery were aligned in “battle array” along the Lebanon-Israeli border (guns pointing south into Israel). Yesterday, Hamas launched 35 upgraded Qassam missiles into Israeli towns and villages north and east of the Gaza strip. Is this a coincidence or a strategic move by Israel’s and America’s Islamic enemies? Obama received his first ever military threat briefing this morning. I hope he sees that we live in a dangerous world.

After our study, Mary and I prayed about America’s and Israel’s current situation. God impressed upon Mary’s heart that He doesn’t need America’s support to protect Israel. If He did, who would get the glory for protecting her? With His kindness He again reminded us that He has everything under control, He is executing His plan for the ages, and that His return is imminent. Stay tuned and look up for our redemption draws nearer each and every day.

Charles J. Patricoff

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