Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tea Party Information

I am sure everyone notices Fourth of July Holiday sales popping up all over the metro area. I am here representing myself to remind people about an exciting event – The Independence Day Tea Party Patriotic Celebration. I have received many telephone calls and e-mails asking for information. The most often asked questions are:

Where & When?
Time & Place of the Independence Day Tea Party Patriotic Celebration is,
July 4, 2009,
Time: 1:00pm - 8:00pm,
Location: Pioneer Park Pavilion
Address: 9101 Ralston Road (58th Avenue), Arvada, CO 80002

Why not the Capital Building like the April 15th Event?
Detailed answers can be found at this Web Site Specifically, Tea Party Organizers decided to move from the Capital Building to the public park in Arvada because a Veterans Organization is planning a picnic in the mall area between the Colorado State House and the City & County Buildings. Tea Party Organizers determined that we did not want to interfere with the Veterans and their family members.

What is our objective?
2,500 participants in a peaceful pot luck picnic/demonstration in the park,
We expect Public Servants to listen (we know Politicians will not), and
Send clear messages, such as:
Ø “Stop the Spending,” and
Ø “We are Taxed Enough Already.”

How can I help?
Please show up(Numbers Matter – over 1,230 cities will participate)
Encourage others to do likewise,
The organizers have established a facebook site, which is linked at the to help people RSVP,
If you are able, please bring items such as:
Hot dogs, buns and/or water,
Condiments, chips, and/or a side dish
If you are not able to bring any food items, don’t worry about it and don’t let that stop you from attending.
The Park prohibits alcoholic beverages. Please do not bring any alcoholic beverages.
Visit the Tea Party ( Web Site for more information, and
Read the Declaration of Independence and reconnect with this day’s importance.

If you intend to bring a sign, please keep your message simple like, “Stop the Spending,” or, those used by our founders such as, “The Power to Tax Is the Power to Destroy.” Here are a few reasons for this recommendation:
The media would like to silence our voice. If we have signs that are off point, such as, “Fire the Speaker of the House,” although we might agree with this, it is something the media would use to demonize the demonstration, or at least marginalize our message.
We should strive to remove the ability to criticize our purpose, or use our demonstration to inflame the passions of those who do not yet understand our grave-concerns, and to exploit our, “Grassroots,” movement as the last-gasp of those who hold to traditional values.
It is possible (however unlikely), Politicians might understand a statement written at the First Grade Reading Level.

Another idea for Tea Party Signs: Five-gallon wooden paint stirring sticks are available at most paint stores. They make great, lightweight, poster holders.

If you want to contact me for more information, you can reach me at, or at Twitter, Facebook, or at America’s Godly Heritage (

Remember this IS your event. This IS YOUR Tea Party, YOUR celebration. It is going to take all of us to make it a success.

This our time to come together, celebrate our nations founding. It’s a time to get together, meet each other, discuss the issues concerning us and begin to work together to find solutions.

Charles Patricoff
Tea Party Host
“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

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amandamarie said...

personally i will be wearing and bringing signs that quote ghandi. and express no political bias's only truth. cafepress has a lot of great ideas and quotes if anyone is having trouble.