Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tea Party Update

The Independence Day Tea Party Patriotic Celebration for the Arvada, Colorado area is shaping up to be an exciting event. For those of you who are not familiar with the Tea Parties, this is an opportunity for people of all parties to come together peacefully and find common ground regarding issues that affect all Americans. For example, many Americans are concerned about the out-of-control government spending.

What is the objective?
Our objective is to gather a large number of people together so that our politicians will see American citizens actively concerned about our nation’s current condition and future

Where & When?
There are over 1,250 cities participating, dozens throughout Colorado, several in the Metro Area. For a location near you Visit the Tea Party ( Web Site. The Independence Day Tea Party Patriotic Celebration I’m involved with is:
* Saturday, July 4, 2009 (ten days from today),
* From: 1:00pm - 8:00pm (You do not have to stay all day),
* Location: Pioneer Park Pavilion (East of the Recreation Center)
* Address: 9101 Ralston Road (58th Avenue & Garrison), Arvada, CO
* The organizers will publish a more detailed agenda soon. Visit the web site for the event agenda.

How can Folks help?
* Please show up (Numbers Matter), & Encourage others to do likewise,
* The organizers have established a facebook site, which is linked at the event web site Please visit to the web site if you wish to help in any capacity,
* Bring Your Picnic Basket and get to know others who share your concerns about America,
* Keep in mind, the Park prohibits alcoholic beverages. Please do not bring any.
* Read the Declaration of Independence and reconnect with this day’s importance.

If you would like to bring a sign, please keep your message simple like, “Stop the Spending,” or, “The Power to Tax Is the Power to Destroy.” Again, keep it simple. By the way, Five-gallon wooden paint stirring sticks are available at most paint stores. They make great, lightweight, poster holders.

If you want to contact me for more information, you can reach me at, or at Twitter, or Facebook.

Remember this Independence Day is a unique American event. The Tea Party is going to take all of us to make it a success. This is our time to come together, celebrate our nations birth, meet each other, discuss the issues concerning us, and begin to work together to find solutions.

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